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Hi, I'm Emma

I help people identify and break repeating patterns in their lives. Utilizing a variety of holistic healing modalities such as yoga philosophy and somatic psychology to facilitate a deep awareness of the mind-body-soul connection. So that they can shift limiting beliefs, heal generational curses, unlock their highest potential, and become the cycle breakers they were meant to be.


So, What’s A

Cycle Breaker  


Cycle breakers are disruptors, sent to bring shadows to the surface and put familial and societal pain to rest. They identify the toxic patterns and limiting beliefs handed down to them by individual caregivers and collective society across generations. You become a cycle breaker when you recognize the cycles you are in and courageously decide that the cycle ends with you.

The Cycle Breakers

1:1 Coaching Program

Each of us comes packaged in layers of conditioning placed upon us by our society and families. These layers of conditioning are often generational, deeply seated in our subconscious minds, and fuel oppressive systems and structures that tell us who we can or can’t be. Throughout our lives, we cling to these narratives out of a false sense of security. But oftentimes, they strip away at our true essence and prevent us from stepping into alignment with our highest potential. These layers of conditioning can show up as limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. They can take the form of confusion about a life path, physical ailments, low sense of self-worth, perfectionism, judgment, searching for approval from external sources, making choices to appease others, emotional withdrawal, fear, anxiety, and so many other cycles we find ourselves in. 


Private coaching with me is where you learn how to peel back the layers of conditioning and let down the protective barriers you’ve built up around your heart. So that you can authentically and unapologetically make aligned decisions about your own life from a state of total freedom. When you peel back these layers and break the repeating patterns, you engage only in relationships that are reflective of your high self-worth. You stop entertaining jobs/careers that are out of alignment with your Soul’s calling. You begin to see the abundance that is all around you. You become more grounded and embodied in your spirituality. The list goes on and on… 


In this container, you’ll learn how to do the inner work, cultivate inner peace, & unleash the powerful god/goddess within. And I’ll be right by your side the whole time. 

Here is my process ... 


“Living the life that cries to be lived from the depth of your being”

all comes down to these four steps:

1. Cultivate Radical Self-Love 

You’ll engage in regular self-care and dive deep into shadow work while shifting your mindset and balancing your masculine and feminine energies. All while learning to process your emotions from a space of unconditional self-love. 

2. Discover Your Purpose 

Each of us is born with a special set of gifts and a unique kind of magic we are meant to share with the world. Our conscious access to these gifts can be hindered by layers of conditioning, but they’re still here, right inside of you. In this container, you’ll create consistent routines that are sacred to you. And you’ll ignite your passions through inner-child healing. Then, you’ll work on deepening your connection to Spirit so you can reconnect with your special magic and share it with the world. 

3. Stand In Your Sovereignty 

You’ll begin to take aligned action and direction from the voice of your Heart, own your authentic truth, and feel deep trust in yourself and your mission. You’ll claim full responsibility for your choices and rewrite your story with YOU as the main character.

4. Somatic Movement

It is not enough to target the conscious mind when working to break free from perpetuated cycles. All holding patterns (emotions, feelings, behaviors) are stored in the body. And so, none of this work can be done without moving the body. Once a month, our session will be an hour-long private yoga class incorporating other forms of somatic movement such as intuitive dance; and will be catered specifically to you. This is an opportunity for the work being done in this container to become fully integrated and embodied. 

This Program Is

For You If...

  • You’re ready to level up in one or more areas of your life (career, relationships, spirituality, finances, etc.)  

  • You consider yourself to be a black sheep, rebel spirit, peaceful warrior, or cycle breaker. 

  • You’re ready to love yourself FULLY.

  • You feel like you’re living a life that’s out of integrity with who you truly are and you’re ready to take on a new path, but you need support.

  • You’re ready to let go of all that is not serving you. 

  • You want to make a difference in the world around you.

  • You crave loving guidance as you step into alignment with your highest potential.

1:1 Coaching
Online Meditation

The Cycle Breakers

is a 6 month 1:1 program meeting weekly.

Included in the program is weekday

voxer support, pdfs, worksheets,

& journal prompts.

Click the link below to schedule a FREE discovery call with me to see what it would be like to work together inside of this powerful container.   

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Additional Offerings:

Private and Small Group Yoga Classes 

Yoga has changed my life in every capacity. Its physical practice and rich philosophy have given me a glimpse into every single life lesson that I am here to learn. I come back to them time and time again. Each one of my private and small group classes entwines the timeless wisdom of yoga with customized asana to give you a complete mind-body-soul connecting experience. Click the link below to book a discovery call

The Inner Goddess Retreat 

Join me just a few steps away from Hunter Mountain, Catskills NY, in a sacred ceremony to connect with your divine feminine essence. June 10-13th 2022, we embark on a 3-day journey where we practice unsubscribing from outdated narratives that pit women against one another. Building one another up. Rising together. Healing the sisterhood wound. 

What’s included:

  • 2 Daily Yoga Classes

  • Daily Meditation

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Sharing/Healing Circles

  • 3 Meals/Day 

  • Ayurvedic Cooking & a Dosha Quiz

  • Sunset Hike

  • Spiritual Spa Treatments (Reflexology, Facials, & more!)

  • 3 Groundbreaking Workshops (Heart Chakra Activation Workshop w/ Kimmie Michals and Breaking Generational Curses Workshop w/ me & and Inner Goddess Embodiment Workshop)

  • Surprise Bonuses upon your arrival!

Price: $1,222 pp 

Email me at: to reserve your spot!

Sandy Beach

About Me

I’m a holistic life coach and certified 200h yoga teacher as well as a part-time graduate student working towards a dual M/A in Trauma Counseling and International Peace & Conflict Resolution. My research analyzes the individual, collective, and generational impact of violent conflict, family relationships, and cultural normatives on how we are conditioned to think and behave in society today. It is my soul mission to help humans heal these generational curses and empower cycle breakers to rewrite their stories from a sovereign space. My healing journey officially began in June of 2020 when I discovered the healing power of movement and woke up to the fact that I was perpetuating cycles of emotional and physical pain that didn’t belong to me anymore. I realized that I was full of limiting beliefs about myself and the world around me. I had a wounded inner child who was running my life and quite literally begging to be seen and held. I carried around shame, guilt, and shadows that I refused to look at in an honest way. I carried the weight of my grandmother’s trauma of Jewish persecution & the legacy of Nazism and my mother’s severe depression which seeped into my upbringing and the way I was able to navigate the world. Shortly after my spiritual awakening, I hired a coach to help me do this healing work on a soul and multidimensional level. She lovingly took my hand and walked me through the darkness. As I befriended my demons and surrendered to the Divine, I connected with my Generational Gift of Resilience. I deepened my connection with Spirit, awakened my divine feminine energy, and committed to living my Yoga on and off the mat. I decided to love, accept, and forgive myself, radically and unconditionally. I connected with my ancestors and allowed their message to live through my being. The clarity and pure devotion to my Soul’s Mission ignited within my heart and belly like never before. I am the ancestor that rewrites my family’s cellular blueprint. You can be too.

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Inner Goddess
Private & Group Classes
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"Emma is the real deal. This young woman is so incredibly special. I felt amazing after taking her vinyasa flow. Her dharma talk was straight from the heart and truly made every single one of us feel special. She just exudes yoga from her soul. She is a treasure." - C
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